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The Odd Nerdum School

(Contributing Author)

Norwegian artist Odd Nerdrum (born 1944) was a student at the Academy of Art in Oslo when modernism made its delayed entry into Norway. Nerdrum broke away from his peers who rallied around the likes of Warhol and Lichtenstein, instead becoming a follower of Rembrandt and a painter in the classical tradition. Art students from all over the world have since sought out his teachings, and many have become internationally known in their own right. This book documents the vast influence of Odd Nerdrum, and his followers who went on to become some of today's leading figurative painters.

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More than Art


Kitsch is Odd Nerdrum's luxuriously produced apologia for the enduring relevance of the old master style. Containing writings and interviews by and with Nerdrum alongside hefty plate sections of both Nerdrum's own paintings and those by painters he sees as exemplars of a certain kind of figurative art, it is a bold attack on the foundations of modernism. In Nerdrum's view, what we call “kitsch” art is a consequence of modernism's “make it new” ethic. For Nerdrum, this insistence on novelty has permeated the thinking of institutions, critics, artists and the public, and has effectively suppressed what Nerdrum most values in a work of art: sentimentality, passion, pathos and the self-evident skill and emotion of sheer craft.

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